"Green" Commitment

To Our Community

We are committed to helping create "green", sustainable businesses that support the societal, the environmental, and the economic needs of our communities. Building a more sustainable business starts at home and expands to the community where we live and work. In short, helping to secure a prosperous community for future generations is what our concept of sustainability is all about. This translates into a commitment to operate a sustainable business by focusing on:

  • Energy Efficiency and Waste Reduction
  • Responsible Use of Resources and Recycling
  • Reducing Social Injustices through Education and Job Creation

You can find more information about our substainability plan here Substainability Plan

To Our Customers

To help our customers reduce costs in environmentally and socially responsible ways, we provide training and coaching in Sustainability Certification through the National Sustainability Coalition Supplier Excellence in Managing Sustainability (SEMS) program.