Business Services

Strategic Planning
Long Range and Short Term Global Business Envisioning, Planning, and Monitoring

Leadership Development
Culture-centered Transitional Leadership

Product Launch
Managing the Total Product Life Cycle – from Birth to Maturity – Utilizing Advanced, Integrative Project Management and Technology Transfer Technologies

Total Quality Management
Wholistic Tools and Strategies for Linking Customer, Business, & Individual Needs

Supply Chain Management
Optimizing the Total Supply Chain
{Purchasing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Distribution, & Customer Service}

Green Business Certification
Training, Coaching, & Certification in Sustainability

Acquisitions, Mergers & Divestitures
Effective Transition Management for People, Facilities, and Systems

Organizational Effectiveness
A Culturally-Sensitive Approach to Developing High Performing Teams and Individuals

Understanding and Utilizing the Three-World View Model
{African, Asian, & European Cultural Frameworks} in Business Relationships
& Leveraging Historically Under-Utilized Businesse